Marathon Infants & Toddlers, Inc.

Marathon Infants & Toddlers, Inc. is an early intervention program agency serving children birth to three years of age.
We operate in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and Nassau County.  We provide service coordination, evaluation and treatment services to children and families in New York City and service coordination and treatment in Nassau County.

Parents, case workers, pediatricians, educational and health professionals and the NYC Early Intervention Program officials refer children with suspected delays or those thought to be at risk of developing delays to our program to determine their eligibility to receive services at no out-of-pocket cost to families.



If a parent suspects child has a developmental delay, call 311 to refer your child to the NYC Early Intervention Program.  You may also contact Marathon for more information. 


Initial Service Coordination

An initial service coordinator will be assigned and will provide you with information on the program and coordinate with you for your child to be evaluated.


An evaluation determines eligibity for the program and gathers information for the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)

IFSP Meeting

If the child is eligible, a written plan is developed to provide specific early intervention services including identifying an ongoing service coordinator. Family and EI official meet and agree to the IFSP.  Service then will start after the IFSP.

IFSP Review 

A 6 month review and an annual review occurs to determine if services will continue, be added, modified or deleted.



Plan for transition included in the IFSP.  Transition to Services under Section 4410 of Education Law ( 3-5 year old) or other early childhood services as needed. 

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